From the Watering Hole

From the Watering Hole

By: Winoceros

Hi Herdies!

Welcome to the official launch of Winoceros. We are excited to have our website properly up and running and look forward to being able to keep the Herd updated. We also look forward to hearing from you: what you think and what you would like to know about the wine industry.

Given that New Zealand’s wine industry is so strong and exports overseas continue to increase in volume, we think it is important that Kiwis know about the industry that earns their country such a prestigious reputation abroad. Wine is New Zealand’s sixth biggest source of revenue overseas, so it is important that we appreciate what we have right on our doorstep.

The problem is that wine is such a complex beverage and often consumers know what they smell but cannot put it into words. Alternatively, the only aroma determined in the wine is, well, “wine”. That’s where Winoceros comes in. Our game packs all come with Master of Wine Bob Campbell’s own tasting notes. And if you want, we do private tastings too so you can arrange to have our team take you through the game either in the comfort of your own home with friends or with your colleagues after work. Our aim is to help you learn about wine through tasting, social media and our website without overwhelming or boring you. Hopefully we can instil the same passion that we feel about wine in you, our Winoceros Herdies.

But if you feel like getting out of the house there is nothing more relaxing than going to a winery with friends and loved ones and sampling their varieties. The views are usually incredible and make you feel so removed from the stress and busyness of everyday life. Wineries can be the perfect excuse for a day trip or weekend away, the perfect escape. You can even class each tasting as educational as they will all help you to broaden your palate and learn which styles of wine you prefer. And with so many varieties to choose from there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Let us know of your favourite varieties and vineyards and any questions you have. We are happy to answer whatever you would like to know. Check out our contact details on our website and please get in touch if you want more information about booking a tasting event with us or if you would like any more information about them. We are here to enhance your wine tasting experience.

Here’s to vinous promiscuity!

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