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Winoceros promotes the process of “Wine Profiling” or observing the characteristics of the wines that you taste. The process of wine profiling is fun and competitive at the same time increases your knowledge of wine.

The Herd Master Bob Campbell has characterised three top New Zealand mystery wines to give you this exciting and challenging game – Winoceros!

Each pack contains:

3 x 750ml medal awarded wines (blinded) / 9 x Game cards / 3 x Answer cards / Instruction sheet and Wine profiling Identikit

How To Play

Villa Maria

Our Mission



Winoceros support the best wine that NZ producers have to offer. We aim to add value by education and build a customer relationship which instills knowledge, passion and a lifetime of appreciation.




”A person who takes extreme pride in their ability to recognise and describe wine just by sniffing it”.

Winoceros is a fun, slightly competitive and educational wine tasting game. The game can either be played at home with a game pack inclusive of wine or as part of an organised event. The aim of Winoceros is to promote great regional NZ wine.


Bob Campbell

Master of Wine & Co-founder

Bob Campbell is an Auckland-based wine writer, educator and wine judge. He is the NZ wine editor of Gourmet Traveller Wine and a regular contributor to Taste magazine, NZ Winegrower, Your Home & Garden, Kia Ora and a host of overseas publications. Over 22,500 people have attended his wine courses since he began teaching them in 1986. Bob is a professional wine judge and has judged wine in 12 countries. He writes a regular blog and tasting notes on his website


Jon Church


I have an engineering and scientific background in Chemistry. After completing the Royal Society of Chemistry exams and qualifying as a Chartered Chemist I started a career in product development.

I have always had an interest in wine and I feel quite at home at the winery. While completing Bob Campbell’s Diploma of Wine I realised that the participants had great delight in trying to pick the attributes of wine.

So with the help of some talented friends under Bob’s guidance we set about developing a platform of wine based products under the Winoceros brand.


Rob & Becks Milne

Creative Designers

Rob and Becks are a multi-talented dynamic design team. Rob has degrees in mechanical engineering and Industrial design and Becks has degree in Spatial Design and a Masters in Construction Management. By understanding customer preferences & the power of branding the Winoceros product was developed via a series of concepts & prototypes. The cool graphics  and imagery make for a stand-out product.


Emma Dodd


Not everyone has the luxury of knowing what their long term goals are!  I am lucky as I know that the wine industry is exactly where I want to be. I took an Arts degree with a Science and Business qualification before studying Wine Science.  My passion is to get involved with the wine industry, encouraging New Zealanders to support local wineries, to think about what they are drinking and be able to have a conversation about it.

I am always looking to try new wines and develop my palate and visit as many NZ wineries as I can.

Corporate & Private Events

Corporate & Private Winoceros wine tasting events:

The Winoceros team host both Corporate and Private events. The events are perfect for a special milestone celebration or for a corporate team building exercise.

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The Winoceros mission is to generate a lifetime of appreciation of wine. To truly appreciate something you have to have an eager anticipation of an expanding understanding.

In our NEWS section we undertake to deliver on our mission with regular articles.

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“When I first heard of Winoceros I knew I had to give it a go!  I’d been a fan of wine, Red especially, for a long time but never had the time to enjoy it properly.
Winoceros for my 40th Birthday then, just seemed like a great idea.

And indeed it was.  22 of us gathered for a game and it was a mountain of fun and laughter as everyone of my invited “experts” were certain they knew more than everyone else. In fact Winoceros is a great leveler for the wine lovers in your circles and what ensued was a competition that had everyone guessing and “knowing” the answers.
It was fun, a lot of fun and I cannot recommend Winoceros enough.”



Playing the Winoceros game is a great way to learn about wine in an easy to understand fun format.  For the ultimate in Wine education…

Learn from a Professional

Learn about wine with Master of Wine, Bob Campbell, New Zealand’s leading wine educator, international wine judge and wine journalist.  Bob Campbell is one of just over 300 Masters of Wine in the world. Bob has been running wine courses since 1986 and has lectured to over 22,000 people in that time. He teaches his popular wine certificate course throughout New Zealand and has taught it in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Britain.

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Q I don’t think I will be able to do it?  I don’t drink wine or I really only know the difference between red and white.

A If you think that then you are in the majority.  All you really need is the basic senses and an OPEN mind, the Winoceros game has been designed so that the instructions and the aroma identikit allow you to work it out.

For example the game teaches you how to determine the wines aroma and if you have aromas of Green Capsicum Capsicum and Passion fruit Passion-Fruit then the Wine can only really be Sauvignon Blanc.  Then once you have made your choice as to the variety then the aroma Identikit can be checked for other Sauvignon Blanc aromas armed with the power of suggestion.

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